Customize and organize your whiteboard! Tired to trying to draw straight lines or apply tape ...we have the solution for you! Magnetic precut grid lines apply in minutes to your whiteboard for a professional looking board. No hassle, no mess, just results. Grids are 15.33" x 23", 4 columns, 15 rows, grid area is 3.5" x 1.25"

Quick Grids-Magnetic 15.33" x 23"
Quick Grids-Magnetic 15.33" x 23"
Item# QG-Magnetic
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Product Description

Grids are great for hospitals, schools, offices, home, warehouses and manufacturing.

nd customize your dry erase board in an instant with Magnetic Quick Grids, precut grids lines for your board. Grids can be cut with scissors for a custom grid system.