Our Humming Harry been flying around and the buzz is you need tips and tricks for whiteboards and dry erase markers. Since he's back here's what he's humming about.

Humming Harry's Tips

Dry Erase Markers

  • Store them flat not point down.
  • Marker about out of ink, then store point down in a coffee cup for a day or two, this will drain the last of the ink to the tip and you will get a few more stokes of the marker.
  • Try not to buy them at the discount stores,they contain very little ink or dried out...save money and buy from a box store, office supply store or us.
  • Fine tip dry erase markers are best for area equal to or less than a sheet of paper (8.5" x 11").
  • Whiteboard Issues

  • Permanent marker used on a dry erase board, immediately write over the permanent with a dry erase marker, wipe off the area.
  • Never use baby wipes to clean a whiteboard, it will destroy the surface.
  • Having issues erasing your dry erase painted wall, use a micofiber cloth or eraser. The micofibers get into the nooks and cranties better than a felt eraser.