Whiteboard In A Box is a self stick dry erase roll that's delivered to your classroom, office or home. Instantly turn a smooth flat surface into a whiteboard. Easy to install. No tools, glue, tape or paste required. Available in 48" and 60" wide. Made in USA.Ships via UPS in 1-2 business day and includes 4 dry erase markers!

Resurface your dry erase boards and chalkboards with Whiteboard In A Box and make it new again.

Applications: Schools and Universities, Business, Retail, Restaurants, Playrooms, Home Office, and Training.

Whiteboard in a box a Dry Erase Surface! Easy to install. No tools, glue, tape or paste required.

Free! 4 dry erase markers!

  • Instantly turn any surface into a markerboard with Whiteboard In A Box
  • Teacher friendly - easy and quick to install
  • Applies safely to walls, doors, chalkboard, whiteboards or any flat smooth surface
  • Removable adhesive safe for your walls - will not cause damage or leave residue
  • Resurface worn out or damaged whiteboards and blackboards
  • The highest quality, lowest cost dry erase solution on the market!
  • 1/10th the cost of whiteboard
  • Erases cleanly with no ghosting or staining
  • Can be cut to any size
  • Ships via UPS in 1-2 business days
  • 4 Free dry erase markers included,

  • Installation:
  • Clean the surface that the dry erase film will cover
  • Dampen surface with sponge or towel and a drop of dish soap
  • Peel 10" - 12" of the backing away from the film and apply it to the damp surface
  • Contiune to pull the liner away as you smooth the material onto the surface with your hand, credit card or smooth plastic tool
  • Order, install, and Write with ATTITUDE!

    Don't replace it. Resurfacing your existing stained and overused whiteboard saves money, time and the environment. Resurface your dry erase boards and chalkboards with Whiteboard In A Box and make it new again.

    Whiteboard In A Box:

    • Save time and money
    • Choose from different widths and lengths to resurface your dry erase boards or chalkboards
    • Takes just minutes to install
    • Quality adhesive and dry erase surface
    • Safe and Repositionable — no tacks, tape or paste required
    • Erases cleanly with no ghosting or staining
    • Comes with 4 dry erase markers
    • Less expensive than board replacement or specialized paints

    It's just a fact – whiteboards in schools and offices become stained and discolored over time and with daily use. They become too stained to be functional and create an expensive and annoying eyesore that leads to a never-ending cycle of having to source, purchase and hang replacements. This is a major expenditure that can add up over time and uses money that just isn’t in the budget.

    Instead of replacing, resurface dry erase boards for less with Whiteboard In A Box.

    Resurfacing is a quick, easy, and economical alternative to replacing the entire dry erase board. Whiteboard in a Box is a self-stick dry erase roll that is applied over the worn surface of an old chalkboard or stained whiteboard. No tacks, tape or paste required. Apply to a clean, smooth surface. The process is much faster and less expensive than replacing the entire board.

    Minimal Cost

    Whiteboard in a Box is considerably less expensive than purchasing and shipping a new, framed whiteboard. And installation takes less work and less time. Typically, replacing an old whiteboard with a new one requires time and manpower to dismantle and dispose of the old board, patch the wall, and install the new whiteboard. When you resurface, you eliminate all of these costs. Replacement whiteboards can cost as much as $11.00 per square foot ($46 per linear foot). Whiteboard In A Box ranges from $2- $2.50 per square foot ($8-$10 per linear foot) for standard 48” whiteboards. Schools and businesses can realize substantial savings by resurfacing instead of replacing whiteboards.

    A replacement 4' x 8' aluminum framed dry erase board with rail costs $298.22. Resurfacing an existing board with Whiteboard In A Box for only $79.98. That's a savings of over $200. In an office or school with 10 boards – that’s over $2,000. And that doesn’t include the savings on labor and shipping cost!

    Good for the Planet
    When compared to purchasing new whiteboards, resurfacing panels require less energy and fewer materials to manufacture and ship. And, resurfacing a whiteboard instead of discarding it creates less landfill waste.